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Karen Miles is the general manager. Karen also lives here full time and choses the homes that are offered for rental on this site. Karen ensures that when a booking is passed to her that your holiday home is prepared for you visit. Karen also speaks Spanish and is the best person to ask about ..... well any thing concerning your stay here.


Skype (+44) 01865 522 809
Mob: +34 634 336 788

Post House, Buzon 37, Aparta Club Number 5
La Barrosa. Chicland de la Frontera.
Cadiz 11130.  

web content manager costa luz

Stephen Cole is the web content manager. You can contact Steve via any of the ways below. Steve has lived in the area since 2004


Skype: (+44) 01223 91 1066
Mob: (+44) 07990 672 444

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