Costa Luz

Make your holiday home work for you.

 Karen Miles-Bearman has managed homes in the area for more than 12 years. Being fluent in Spanish, Karen built the company came through a process of natural evolution from property sales, maintenance and management.
The team she has around her will maintain your property to the demanding specification required in the villa rental market as they are on the top of their game.
The website has started in 2007 and has been improved continually. With a domain name that uses Costa luz, holiday and villa have meant that the site has page one ranking in Google and ranks number one for the search term Costa luz holiday villas. This combined with our partnership with Avantio and Spain Holiday means that you will have good quality bookings even in the low season.
Leave it to us and you will have nothing to do but collect your rental fees minus our commission of 12.5% Nothing to pay up front.
Nothing to pay up front, however, we are serious about what we do and do not take every property on. It is the law that all properties must be registered and certificated for the rental market and meet certain standards we will get that certificate for you.
To rent out your home even to your friends without a certificate will lead to massive fines.

Costa Luz manager

Karen Miles is the general manager. Karen also lives here full time and choses the homes that are offered for rental on this site. Karen ensures that when a booking is passed to her that your holiday home is prepared for you visit. Karen also speaks Spanish and is the best person to ask about ..... well any thing concerning your stay here.


Skype (+44) 01865 522 809
Mob: +34 634 336 788

Post House, Buzon 37, Aparta Club Number 5
La Barrosa. Chicland de la Frontera.
Cadiz 11130.  

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