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              Please read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the booking.


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              The person who completes the booking form is deemed as the person responsible for the booking and all the members of the party. The party leader must be travelling with the party. The party leader is also responsible for all amendments made e.g. change of party size, dates, times, etc. All changes must be confirmed in writing. All accommodation is booked solely for persons named on the booking form and C.L.H.V.reserve the right to refuse entrance to those who are not listed. We also reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any booking at any time at our discretion without having to give a reason. The party size must not exceed the property’s maximum capacity. Once a booking form has been completed the full deposit amount should be sent. Once the booking form has been submitted the booking is confirmed and the party leader is responsible for monies owed.

              Please also note time of entry and exit to the villa , these can only be changed with authority from the agent.



              Please scan a copy of all passports or N.I.E. for people over the age of 16 as this is now required for the police .

              Before filling out the booking form, please ensure that you have viewed the position of the villa and are happy with its location .



              A security deposit is due on check in. The security deposit is held against any damage or breakages during the rental period.

              For example:

              The BBQ is clean when entering the villa.  If not left in the same condition on exit, a charge of 30 euros will be taken out of the security deposit.

              If a pet has been allowed to stay please leave house and garden clean of its neccessities. If not, a charge of 30 euros will be discounted from the security deposit.

              There are large rubbish bins on the main roads and rubbish can be disposed of each day.  If an excess amount is left on departure, 30 euros will be taken out of the security deposit.

              If all is found to be correct, the full amount will be returned on the day of exit.



              Guests are requested to have appropriate insurance in force for the period of their trip. Loss or injury should be notified to your appropriate insurance company immediately.  C.L.H.V. accept no liability for either.


              Confirmed Dates

              In the event of death or illness whilst on holiday,  C.L.H.V. regretfully cannot accept any liability and you are requested to vacate the accommodation on your confirmed departure date. If you need to stay in the country for an extended period, C.L.H.V. will do everything they can to assist you in finding alternative accommodation. The holiday dates are confirmed at the time of booking and not transferable.


              Force Majeure

              C.L.H.V. accept no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of loss / damage / cancellation or changes caused by force majuere events (e.g. strikes, flood, fire, airport closures etc.) or any other event beyond our control.



              All distances quoted are only approximate (i.e. airport to villa, accommodation to coastal resort) and C.L.H.V. accept no liability if they are not accurate.


              Swimming Pool

              Whether the accommodation has a private or communal pool, C.L.H.V.accept no liability for any accidents that may occur.



              As all our homes are in residential areas, from time to time there may be construction occurring.  We will endeavour to inform you where possible although C.L.H.V. cannot accept liability for unforeseen works.




              COVID Money Back Guarantee

              We will refund your deposit in its entirety if COVID rules make your holiday impossible to travel or if you can provide a medical declaration that states you cannot travel due to a positive test. 




              In the event of you having to cancel one or more of accommodations booked, the following charges apply:

              If a cancellation does not occur within 28 days before  the  date of rental,the deposit will not be returned under any circumstances apart from in the instance of COVID as stated in the above clause.



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              The Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light) is the western part of the Andalucía coastline that faces out to the Atlantic. The sand is finer and a more golden colour than in the neighbouring Costa del Sol, to the east. This area of unspoiled beaches is known to savvy visitors for its hidden coves with crystal-clear turquoise waters, wide sweeps of soft sand and traditional bars and restaurants.

              Many of the beaches here are backed by sand dunes and pine trees, as this part of the coast has not seen the high-rise hotel development of other areas.

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